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You can’t listen to higher-quality music on the iPhone14 without it!

With the cancellation of headphone jack by major smartphone manufacturers, headphone adapters have become a must-have for the pursuit of good sound quality. It can improve the sound quality in an all-round way in terms of audio decoding, signal amplification and so on. It also brings the final sound experience closer to even surpasses high-quality lossless music players.

Iphone14, which went on sale in September this year, drew cheers from countless Apple fans. Judging from the configuration of the stereo speakers in the iOS16 system, the sound quality performance has not been significantly upgraded. The appearance of headphone adapter is undoubtedly a godsend.

I have tried three headphone adapters from ALB AUDIO:

    • (1) SPK, made of 8 core pure silver cable, improved sound quality to be more real, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through SPK.
    • (2) SARA, made of silver-plated gold, silver and palladium, bring more sound detail and the vocal sounds sweeter, which full of emotion.
    • (3) SAC, made of silver-plated gold, silver, copper and palladium, can handle a variety of music styles.

SPK Headphone Adapter

It can make a qualitative leap in the original sound layering and information volume. When listening to Zhang Yuan’s Wild Rose, it is obvious that the voice is more transparent, and the high part of the music is soft, as if through the tough exterior of the wild rose to see a touch of tenderness hidden in the inner bottom. It is very natural and listenable, and it also makes the tri-band connection smoother and truly restores the sound quality.

SARA Headphone Adapter

The dynamic expressiveness of the sound is very excellent. Listening to the sense of stunning, clear and powerful high-frequency performance sings the wild rose break through the shackles of stubborn blooming proud. “Smooth” is also the unique sense of hearing it brings to me, excellent detail performance more interpretation of the soul of the song, the male voice is full of magnetism, female voice bright sound into the heart. Rich sense of gorgeous sound more suitable for high-frequency songs.

SAC Headphone Adapter

It use the high quality materials that include gold, silver, copper and palladium, with American TECHFLEX SUPER NYLON high density NYLON mesh, providing high performance shock absorbance and auscultation effect, make the sound cleaner. It make the sound has dark and deep background, rich sound details, instrumental sound dense, transparent and ethereal voice. This is definitely a surprise headphone amp & USD DAC.


Guys who want to make your iPhone 14 sound quality up to the HiFi player level, hurry up to get it!