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UCOTECH RE-1 Review——Single 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver Universal IEM

The UCOTECH RE-1 is a Korean Made single 10mm CNT dynamic driver universal IEM featuring a 5-Axis brass housing.  It only cost 90 dollars.

The RE-1 is made of brass. When I hold it in my hand, I feel that the texture is good. However, when worn on the ears, it will not feel uncomfortable.


As a modern IEM, the size of RE-1 is fairly small. So it’s very comfortable to wear a small ear canal like mine. It uses standard MMCX specification 6NOCC cable. And its packaging is also equipped with special tools for plugging and unplugging cables, which is very practical.

Speaking of sound, the RE-1’s low frequencies are something I find special. It’s fun, low-frequency rich sound. When listening to vocals, RE-1’s singing voice is full and emotional. This may be due to the RE-1’s exclusive dynamic diaphragm, the overall timbre is naturally restored, and the sound stage is very loose.


In summary, RE-1 is a special presence in the low-cost IEM market, and it has a very good price-performance ratio.