This collection contains the finest cable we make for in-ear monitors. You will find dozens type of connections from MMCX connector to others for earphone.

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ALB AUDIO ATHENE——OCC Single Crystal Copper HiFi Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO EROS——8 Core Pure Silver HiFi Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO HELIO——OCC Copper and OCC Sliver Mixed IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO MAYAN——Copper and Silver Hybrid IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO OVID——Upgraded 4 Core 7N OCC Copper Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO PHOENE——Silver-plated Gold IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO REGIN——Gold, Silver, Copper MIXED IEM Cable




ALB AUDIO TYR——Silver-plated Gold, Silver-Plated Copper, with Palladium Mixed IEM Cable


Bispa audio cable MMCX connector 3.5mm stereo plug BSP-HPCL-MSOEPMM/CM


Denmark Ortofon EC8S——Copper Silver-plated Earphone Cable