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iBasso DX320 Music Player Reviews


From the overall situation of DX320, I think from the hardware and software configuration, size, overall workmanship, design thinking to consider, the standard of this player is really on par with the cell phone. Lightweight body, smooth and rounded corners, little sharpness at the edges, so holding is comfortable in the hand and does not feel pressure.

The color scheme that this player can choose from is blue and black, and no matter which color it is, it is a classic and versatile choice. The DX320 also retains a thin LED strip at the top of the screen that lights up during playback, with different colors representing different states and sampling rates.


The biggest change is the multi-function dial of the DX320, which has changed from gold to silver. If it felt more aristocratic before, it will feel more technological now; and the middle is recessed, which allows your fingers to get a full rest and is also easier to operate. The dial is also thinner, and the overall lines are lighter and more fluid.



The DX320 has the comprehensive level of a flagship player in terms of sound quality.

First of all, zero bottom noise is the basis, no need to question that the DX320 will be outside the bottom noise shielded to the clean, for the next have to listen to the good foundation.


DX320 focus on polishing the sound details of the musical performance, no longer to “clear” as the basic requirements of information, or analysis for the sake of analysis, but to make the details of the sound not only understand clearly expressed, but also with the main sound with the same sense of line, weight and coloring, so that every small part of the sound, have Synchronized and coordinated musical expression.


In terms of sound tonality, the DX320’s sound is warm, relatively neutral, and naturally reductive. It is not too informative, so it is not stressful to listen to it for a long time. On this basis, strengthening its dynamic response makes the overall more momentum and strength, but still no sense of oppression, only that in the performance of large dynamic scenes, will not be scattered or distortion, more cohesive. In terms of static, the DX320 maintains a moderately slow rhythm, so that the sound is clean and at the same time, with a little tail rhythm, adding a few emotions.


In terms of spaciousness, the DX320’s soundstage is relatively open and has a good degree of separation. In terms of the overall state, the DX320’s spatial arrangement is relatively loose, the sound of the proximal end is maintained beyond a certain distance, the sound of the middle and distal end and then continue in turn, quite a sense of hierarchy.

Comparison(with DX240)

The data above are the parameters of DX320, and the data below are the parameters of DX240. From the parameters of the DX320 is undoubtedly beyond the DX240. In terms of listening, the DX320’s sound is thinner and brighter than the DX240. But whether from the dynamics or sound flexibility, DX320 is immediately audible progress. Of course, other aspects of the DX320, such as soundstage, layering, separation, etc. compared to the DX240 is also an overall improvement. In conclusion, the DX320 is undoubtedly a qualified flagship of the new generation.