We pride ourselves in precisely engineering the best OCC copper and silver in-ear monitor cables that money can buy. We also offer headphone cables in a variety of selected materials.

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ALB AUDIO ATHENE——OCC Single Crystal Copper HiFi Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO CRONUS——Gold Silver Copper with Palladium Mixed Headphone Cable for Sennherser HD800S


ALB AUDIO EROS——8 Core Pure Silver HiFi Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO HARPER——Silver Plated OCC Copper Headphone Cable for Hifiman He1000se,Ayra


ALB AUDIO HELIO——OCC Copper and OCC Sliver Mixed IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO MAYAN——Copper and Silver Hybrid IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO OVID——Upgraded 4 Core 7N OCC Copper Earphone Cable


ALB AUDIO PHOENE——Silver-plated Gold IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO REGIN——Gold, Silver, Copper MIXED IEM Cable


ALB AUDIO RHEA——Super Silver Plated OCC Copper Headphone Cable for Beyerdynamic T1,Hifiman headphones




ALB AUDIO TYR——Silver-plated Gold, Silver-Plated Copper, with Palladium Mixed IEM Cable