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FENDER New Headphone Adapter AE2I Review

FENDER introduces the new headphone adapter AE2I enhanced with 6 more power output than the previous generation.

Fender’s early AE1i Audio enchancer lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable was well received by many users. After more than 3 years, there is finally an upgraded model AE2i Audio Enchancer, which not only has a different appearance, but also has a newly designed amplification line built-in, and the output power is increased by as much as 60% compared with the previous generation.


The main body and Lightning socket of the AE2i Audio Enhancer continue to be made of aluminum alloy material, providing good protection and heat dissipation, but the weight is lighter than the previous generation, only 7g heavier. This generation has changed to the “corner” shape design, which has a better feel. In terms of thread, like Fender’s professional knotted wires, it is wrapped and protected by a black Tweed webbing mesh, making the interface resistant and broken.

In terms of audio transmission, Apple’s patented A2M DSP chip is used to perform computing processing for digital audio, and then sent to Cirrus Logic’s CS42L83 chip designed for the iPhone for decoding and amplification. The biggest change in this AE2i Audio Enhancer is that the new ADI power amplifier chip has been added to the amplification line part, and the output power has been greatly increased from the previous generation of 120mW to 195mW under 32Ω load, an increase of 61%, even multi-unit headphones, even headphones. In addition, AE2i Audio Enhancer is also MFi certified, which not only supports most in-flight applications, but also allows voice calls if connected to a wired headset with a microphone.


With the birth of AE2i Audio Enhancer, the Audio Enchancer exclusive app will also update the interface, in addition to 2 audio enhancement modes, there are also many EQ sound effects to choose from, and the new work also brings a new “Voice Enhanced” EQ, which is designed for watching the scene, which can improve the performance of vocal dialogue without weakening the background sound. Thanks to the relationship of A2M chips, even watching and playing can experience near-zero lag sound and picture synchronization.