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CEntrance DACminiCX Reviews

The DACmini CX from CEntrance is a highly compact, reference quality headphone digital to analog converter that allows for pristine-quality playback. The unit features proprietary AdaptiWave 24-bit USB audio technology, JitterGuard clock management system, and an audiophile headphone amplifier.


Every component of the DACmini was engineered to minimize distortion and facilitate the clearest, cleanest signal path possible. To limit the impact of electrical wiring eccentricities, the DAC chip is suspended in mid air and the chassis is divided in two- the right side for analog signals, and the left for digital. Offering full galvanic isolation, the signals never cross, thus retaining their pristine sound. Additionally, the internal jitter management algorithm- the JitterGuard- regularizes the digital signal for a natural response, crisp definition, extra resolution, and a wide soundstage.



To ensure faster reaction time and uninterrupted output, the transformer-isolated power supply generates five independent voltages for the internal circuitry. Continuing quality into the overall construction, the casing is made of durable aluminum with a two-part chassis that prevents EMC leakage and blocks RF interference. Just in case your DACmini falls off the desk, an internal drop-protection pot guard rail protects the potentiometer from any potential damage. Due to the sleek form factor, the DACmini CX stacks beautifully with an Apple Mac Mini and merges seamlessly into any desk setup without taking up too much precious space.


At the back of the unit, you have your choice of an SPDIF optical, SPDIF digital, RCA, or USB input, as well as a headphone output up front. With the power switch and source selector on the front, you can navigate between inputs with ease. If you are plugged via USB into your computer, the DACmini constantly streams audio- even when the USB input is not selected- for uninterrupted performance. Capable of driving the highest impedance headphones while providing a noiseless floor for IEMs, the CEntrance DACmini CX is an impeccably designed amplifier and DAC combo that fits easily on any desk.